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We are hiring!

Job Title: Restaurant Manager

Job description:

We are looking for someone who will run the overall daily operation of the restaurant including the catering (inside and outside of the premisses) and the bar facilities. His/her duties and responsibilities include: supervising the staff members; ensuring good customer service; ensuring that all food prepared are strictly in compliance with statutory regulations; recruiting staffs; training staffs; creating staff schedule so as to ensure adequate staffing; ensuring adequate food supplies; dealing with customer comments and complaints; reporting business as well as personal Performance appraisal; setting budgets and minimizing expenses; analyse sales and profit; organising marketing activities; plan menus; handling administration and paperwork; and any other duties and responsibilities relating to the management of the restaurant.

Salary: £26,000.00 per year

Start date: 01/12/2021

If you are interested, simply email us your CV here info@spicevalleynorwich.com to apply.